Auction Notice

S. No.
Auction Date
E- Auction of Condemned Vehicles and Scrap Material at Ajmer, Jodhpur and Jaipur on 04.02.14 and 05.02.14

New Auction Rules

Procedure Of E-Auction on date(12/07/2013)
Auction Rules and Conditions (New)
Auction Rules and Conditions on date(16/03/2011)
New Auction Rules and Conditions on date(06/10/2010)

Note : Tata / Leyland condemned vehicles "As It is where it is", scrap, spare parts, Tata / Leyland engine, used tyres , tubes, flaps, Aluminum scrap, .M.S. Scrap , broken spring leaves(big & small) condemned jeep, staff car (in Central workshop, Jaipur on availability) Burnt Oil in various units (The firms who are authorized by the Ministry of Environment and Forest, Govt. of India to recycle/reprocess burnt oil, will be eligible to participate in the auctions for the purchase of burnt oil) and other material shall be sold in the open auction
Material can be inspected and the terms of the auction can be obtained from the concerning Central workshop on any working day during the office hours.The materials available for the auction in these Centre Workshops can be sold at any of the places mentioned above, If offers are received during the auctions at any place. Informatiom of material & auction can be seen on the corporation website in detail.
Last Updated on 05 June 2014