Financial Rules

S.No. Order/Circular No. Date Remarks View
1 F-4(13)/FIN/RULES/09/2011/5138 28/07/2011 New Financial Rules and TA Rules View
2 F-4(13)/FIN/RULES/172/13/6705 10/09/2013 Corrigendum to Order No F4/Fin/Rules/172/13/4257 View
3 F-4(13)/FIN/RULES/172/2013/6740 11/09/2013 Circular for non ITI Artisan Grade-III View
4 F-4/FIN/RULES/2013/6764 12/09/2013 Directions related to Retired Employees Medical Welfare Scheme View
5 F-4(13)/FIN/RULES/21/2013/6819 13/09/2013 Office Order related to Bonus View
6 F-4(13)/HO/FIN/RULES/79/2014/4393 12/06/2014 Circular Related to Travel Allowance View
7 F-4(13)/FIN/RULES/52/14/5399 21/07/2014 Office Order related to Grant of DA to Corporation Employees View
8 F-4(13)/FIN/RULES/21/14/7453 27/10/2014 Office Order related to Bonus of Corporation Employees View
9 F-4/FIN/RULES/PROC/15/5383 13/08/2015 Office Order related to Transparency Act in Procurement View