Financial Rules

S.No. Order/Circular No. Date Remarks View
1 F-4(13)/FIN/RULES/09/2011/5138 28/07/2011 New Financial Rules and TA Rules View
2 F-4(13)/FIN/RULES/172/13/6705 10/09/2013 Corrigendum to Order No F4/Fin/Rules/172/13/4257 View
3 F-4(13)/FIN/RULES/172/2013/6740 11/09/2013 Circular for non ITI Artisan Grade-III View
4 F-4/FIN/RULES/2013/6764 12/09/2013 Directions related to Retired Employees Medical Welfare Scheme View
5 F-4(13)/FIN/RULES/21/2013/6819 13/09/2013 Office Order related to Bonus View
6 F-4(13)/HO/FIN/RULES/79/2014/4393 12/06/2014 Circular Related to Travel Allowance View
7 F-4(13)/FIN/RULES/52/14/5399 21/07/2014 Office Order related to Grant of DA to Corporation Employees View
8 F-4(13)/FIN/RULES/21/14/7453 27/10/2014 Office Order related to Bonus of Corporation Employees View
9 F-4/FIN/RULES/PROC/15/5383 13/08/2015 Office Order related to Transparency Act in Procurement View
10 F-4/FIN/RULES/PROC/2015/9338 01/10/2015 Corrigendum for Office Order related to Transparency Act in Procurement View
11 F-4(13)/FIN/RULES/52/15/9791 26/10/2015 Office Order Related to D.A. View
12 F-4(13)/FIN/RULES/09./2015/9792 26/10/2015 Office Order Related to Schedule of Financial Powers to RSRTC Officers View
13 HQR/FIN/PENSION/15/4966 27/10/2015 D.A Orders for Pensioners View
14 F-4(13)/FIN/RULES/172/15/9762 23/10/2015 Office Order Related to Revised Pay Scale for Probationer Trainee View
15 F-4(13)/FIN/RULES/21/15/9906 30/10/2015 Office Order related to Bonus of Corporation Employees View
16 F-4/(12)HO/FIN/TAX/SERV.TAX/2015/10090 09/11/2015 Office Order related to Service Tax View
17 F-4(13)/FIN/RULES/52/15/9825 27/10/2015 Office Order Related to D.A. View
18 F-4/FIN/RULES/172/2015/11102 18/11/2015 Office Order Related to ACP Rules for Probationers View
19 HO/FIN/PF/11/2508 17/05/2011 Contributory Provident Fund Regulations 1964 & Revised Regulations 2008 . View
20 F-4(12)/HO/FIN/TAX/SER.TAX/16/1037 22/02/2016 Related to Decentralization of Service Tax Registration View
21 F4/FIN/RULES/172/16/1010 19/02/2011 Circular Related to Grant of assured career progression to class iv ministerial,Subordinate Services Corporation employees and those holding isolated posts under RSRTC employees (Revised Pay) Regulations,2008 View
22 F4(13)/FIN/RULES/52/16/1082 23/02/2016 Office Order Related to Dearness Allowance to Corporation employees View
23 F4(13)/FIN/RULES/09/2015/9792 26/10/2015 Office Order Related to Financial Powers View
24 F2(25)/FIN/RULES/87/7414 06/07/1987 Free Pass Facility Rules View
25 F4(13)/FIN/RULES/47/13/3579 07/06/2013 Medical Attendance Regulations of RSRTC View
26 F2(39)/FIN/RULES/93/7280 12/10/1993 Retired employees concessional Pass Rules View
27 F4(13)/FIN/RULES/2013/6084 08/08/2013 Retried employees medical Scheme Rules View
28 F4(13)/FIN/RULES/172/2008/8211 17/11/2008 Pay Regulations of RSRTC View
29 F(72-A)/ACCTTS/RULES/93/2971 27/04/1993 Selection Grade Rules of RSRTC View
30 F4(13)/HO/FIN/RULES/172/2016/2027 31/03/2016 Order Related to ACP Grade View
31 F4/HO/FIN/RULES/36/2016/1986 30/03/2016 Office Order Related to Local Conveyance for RSRTC Employees View
32 F4/FIN/EST-11(SEN)/2016/2124 06/04/2016 Seniority List of AAO Grade-I View
33 F4/FIN/EST-11(SEN)/2016/2123 06/04/2016 Seniority List of AAO Grade-II View
34 F4/FIN/EST-11(SEN)/2016/2139 06/04/2016 Seniority List of Junior Accountants View
35 F4HO/FIN/RUL/2016/2611 06/05/2016 Application form/List of Private Hospitals,in the Scheme of Providing Medical Services to RSRTC Employees View
36 F4(13)/HO/FIN/RUL/2016/2891 17/05/2016 Office Order Related to File Dealing to Finance Section View
37 F4HO/FIN/EST(08)(SEN)/2016/2575 04/05/2016 Office Order related to Seniority List of AAO Grade-II View